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Historic SignAre you and your family looking for exciting activities in #JacksonMI that are safe? Well if you’re itching to get out and explore safely, Experience Jackson has a great resource for you! Download the free Experience Jackson Tours app available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The app features 5 fascinating self-guided walking tours that will keep you and your family active and entertained.

Under the OaksA fan favorite of the many tours available on the Experience Jackson Tours app is the Underground Railroad Walking tour in downtown Jackson. Henry “Rufus” Evans will tell you about his journey on the Underground Railroad as he takes you around downtown to visit the historical locations significant to him on his journey to freedom.

The Bright Walls Mural tour grows with popularity each year. Other self-guided walking tours include the Stained-Glass Windows Architectural tour, the 1920’s Architecture tour and the Prison History tour. There are 12 total tours available on the app all featuring Jackson County’s rich history and culture.

Each tour is designed to entertain and educate Jackson County residents and visitors. So, download the app and get your walking shoes on – it’s time to get out and explore #JacksonMI!

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