Five Things to Remember at this Year’s Art, Beer, and Wine Festival

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With an event this exciting that happens just once a year, it almost feels as if Christmas is around the corner. Ella Sharp Museum’s Art, Beer, and Wine Festival is quickly approaching, and there’s plenty to remember in order to not only have fun, but be prepared. We’ve compiled a quick checklist for you to review before you grab your tokens and head into the event. Experience Jackson will be there, will you?

1. Wear Sun Protection

Whether it’s a hat, sunglasses, or sunscreen, you’re going to want to be ready to be outside all afternoon. This event is held entirely outdoors, so be prepared for some sunshine.

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2. Don’t Wait

Though the festival is held all afternoon, don’t wait too long to make your way over. There are far too many vendors, food trucks, and not to mention, art, beer, and wine, to experience! Make the most of your time at the festival by getting there sooner rather than later.

3. Take Pictures at the Experience Jackson Photobooth

We know you’ll be busy wandering and having fun, but while you’re at it, don’t forget to commemorate your experience with some pictures from the Experience Jackson Photobooth.

Art, Beer and Wine Festival

4. Come Prepared

Most tickets include tasting tokens, and thought that cost is covered by your ticket, don’t forget about the art and food trucks that are waiting for you to enjoy. It’d be a shame to pass a must-have piece and not be able to add it to your own collection, or to pass your favorite restaurant’s food truck and not be able to break up your tastings with a quick snack.

5. Know What Tickets You Have

There are four different types of tickets that can be purchased. Be sure to review what your ticket includes before entering the festival and be sure to purchase in advance. This event does sell out, so make sure after waiting in line to enter, you’re able to enter at all.

We hope these tips are helpful when it comes to experiencing all that Ella Sharp Museum’s Art, Beer, and Wine Festival has to offer. Have fun, and taste responsibly!

Beer being poured

Written by Olivia Pageau. The Art, Beer, and Wine Festival is her favorite event, be sure to say “Hi!”
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