#JACKSONMI Fairy Festival: It’s Really About Creativity!

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Read the story of the annual Fairy Festival from Kim Curtis, the Executive Director and Head Fairy at Jackson School of the Arts

Once a year, my place of business is filled with castles, a magic fountain, Captain Hook’s ship and the Captain himself. Thousands of fairies, pirates, elves and princesses join us for a weekend that is about a whole lot more than fairies. It’s really about the power of creativity. The Fairy Festival highlights Jackson School of the Arts’ ability to capture the imagination and build upon a little idea that started 12 years ago. This event has turned into a hugely beloved weekend event for the entire family.

At Jackson School of the Arts, we provide opportunities for children from all socio-economic backgrounds to grow and thrive with the arts.  Here’s something that might surprise some people – our goal is not necessarily to create the next generation of artists or performers. Instead, through our programs, we want young people to learn problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, confidence and poise, focus and dedication through fun experiences in the arts.  

Later when they become adults, they people will be the ones you want to hire because businesses who have creative leaders and employees also have a higher success rate in innovation, community engagement, and change.  And that is a very good thing.

So, to get ready to welcome thousands of people from all over Michigan, Ohio and beyond to Jackson’s Fairy Kingdom, I’ll once again dust off my own fairy wings and get down to the business of creating magical memories for so many.  I’ll once again prove to myself when you love your work, it’s really not work. 

I invite you and your family to come to the Fairy Festival to see for yourself what creativity (and a little fairy dust) can do. 

About the Author:

Kim Curtis is the Executive Director and Head Fairy at Jackson School of the Arts where she has been bringing creative innovative programs to Jackson since 2004.  When she is not deep in the fairy forest, she and her team are raising money to create a new downtown center for the arts in the historic Masonic Temple Building. 

Learn more about the Fairy Festival:

“We welcome you to a very special weekend filled with activities, crafts, and vendors inspired by child-like imagination.  Boys and girls always find the Festival full of wonderment and their grown-up companions can’t help but rediscover the child inside themselves as well!” Full details, time, location and more.

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