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Do sweets ever not sound good? A donut and coffee on a cool spring morning; caramel popcorn by an autumn fireplace; a few squares of fudge on a summer night. 20 below with the wind chill? Ice cream never tasted better. So clear your palate and pack your comfy pants, because Jackson’s sweets shops will satisfy your sweet tooth like never before.

Ice Cream Creations

One of the basic principles of humanity is that there is always room for ice cream. Since 1944, The Parlour has been a living tribute to the jukebox days of the mid-20th century. Stock up on iconic ice cream concoctions or try your hand at the “Dare to be Great” sundae, made of 21 whopping scoops of hand-dipped ice cream. The Bavarian exterior of Cascades Ice Cream Co. is easy to spot, offering all the classics among The Cascades’ sprawling green spaces and playgrounds.

All Things Chocolate

Once you walk into Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory, look around, in all directions, and you’ll feel like you’ve been sent back in time. Check out an impressive fudge selection and a mouthwatering candy variety as the miniature train whirls along its tracks above you. Gilbert Chocolates is like an heirloom. They’ve been perfecting gourmet chocolates since 1900 and still run a terrific sweet shop in downtown Jackson.

All Sorts of Sugary Goodness

If you think that’s all, you’re in for a treat — many of them. Step inside Hinkley Bakery’s antique establishment and taste what’s made it a local sensation for over 100 years. Marvel at walls full of flavored popcorn options you never knew existed at Jackson Popcorn Depot. To satisfy your sugar fix with a kick, Jackson Coffee Company serves up a variety of handmade hot and cold drinks all day long.

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