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Crisp, fall air means a lot of things in Jackson County, apple picking, wine drinking, and enjoying the changing of the leaves. Here are a few ways to kick off your fall season.

Get in the Car and Drive

There are plenty of backroads and highways you can explore in pursuit of fall colors. Soak in the warm hues during the afternoon when you have some time to spare. Go adventuring with your best friend, your partner, or just spend some time with yourself and turn on a warm, cozy fall playlist. Click here for your next route. Take some of those trips by bike to breathe in the crisp, fall air. There’s also nothing like the sound of a leaf crunching beneath your boot if you decide to hit the trails by foot. Local trails are waiting for you to wander them. Click here for a list of trails that are perfect for your next adventure.

Plan Your Own Wine Tour

While you’re driving from one location to the next, stop at one of our local wineries. Sip on some wine or hard cider with a canvas of red, orange, and green painted on the trees behind you. There’s nothing that brings a sense of warmth quite like a glass of wine. Pair it with some charcuterie or a snack and you’re set for the afternoon. Some wineries, like Sandhill Crane, even introduce some new blends for the chillier months. Enjoy your fall day on a patio or in a cozy, quaint tasting room. Whether you’re going out on a day date or spending the day with your girlfriends, a winery is calling your name. Check out which Jackson wineries are waiting for you this fall here.

U-Pick Produce & Flowers

Spend a fall day under the sun picking blueberries, strawberries, or whatever local fruit your kitchen is missing. There are plenty of U-Pick farms to enjoy some screen-free time and get your hands dirty. Pack up the car with some pails and your kiddos because this activity can be fun and interactive for all ages! Check out which farms you can pick your own in and around Jackson County.

Hit the Greens Before They’re Gone

It’s no secret that Jackson County is a golf hot spot. Just when you think the season’s over, there’s no better time to book your tee-time than when the leaves are changing. Those scenic courses just got a whole lot prettier, and way more comfortable with less hot, humid conditions. If you’re traveling from out of the area or are just trying to reconnect a group of friends, Stay & Play Packages are still available, but not for much longer. Don’t wait until next year to hit your best shot.

How are you spending your fall season? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s in Jackson County! Tag us and let us know where you’re visiting locally this fall.

Written by Olivia Pageau, Marketing Specialist.

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