Historic Group Tours of the 1800s

Discover a Fascinating Time in History 

The mid to late 1800s are a fascinating part of our nation’s history that is still celebrated and relived by many. From Victorian era fashions, to pioneer farms, and one-room school houses, there is always something new to see and learn from this captivating period in time. Jackson, Michigan is the ideal location for a group to explore 1850 to 1900 because of our historic landmarks and unique antiquities.

Life on the Farm

Get an authentic experience of what life was like on a 19th century farm by visiting Waterloo Farm Museum. Built in 1850, costumed guides will show your group around the traditional farmhouse and grounds. Head over to the Tompkins Historical Stewart Farm Museum to see a centennial farm that has been artfully preserved. While here, tour the museum, barn, log cabin, and school house.

The Victorian Era

For a look at what life was like off the farm, head over to the stunning Mann House. As soon as your group steps inside this preserved property you will feel like you are truly back in the Victorian Era. An excellent example of middle-class Victorian architecture, this stunning home features heirlooms and personal items that belonged to the family that originally lived in the home. A favorite exhibit here are treasures brought back from the family’s travels to Asia! Built in the Tuscan Vernacular style, the Coe House Museum provides another snapshot into the late 1800's. Each room in this estate is furnished with everything you’d expect to see in a home from this time, from tapestries to household items.

Civil War

Take a walk down Farm Lane at Ella Sharp Museum to experience what it was like living in the Civil War Era. On the lane your group will discover a historic village that looks just like a typical late 1800s town. The doctor’s office, print shop, country store, and wood shop portray traditional occupations during this time to a tee. The farm house and log cabin show your group the living conditions and what little amenities were available to people during the Civil War.

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